Farm Baseball is an instructional level of play where players pitch for the first time. Players may have one or more years of experience, but new players are welcome.

Players will demonstrate progress in developing the fundamentals skills of baseball and knowledge of the rules of the game. Players will develop life skills related to teamwork and respect of coaches and umpires. Teams will maintain a fun environment for learning.

Base stealing and pitch counts will be introduced.

Learning Objectives

Players build upon the fundamentals learned in T-Ball and Rookie Baseball and begin learning the strategy of the game. Emphais is on:

Hitting: watching the pitcher; and knowing the strike zone.

Base Running: sliding into the bases; stealing, and running out extra base hits.

Throwing: fundamentals on proper grip of the ball; proper stance; stepping toward the target; and follow through.

Fielding: properly fielding a fly ball; use of teamwork to complete a play; and begin to understand when to apply a tag vs tagging the base (i.e. force out.)

Pitching: learning the fundamental mechanics of pitching with emphasis on a four seam grip; stretch position; and the three steps of balance, stride, and follow through with each pitch.

Catching: setting the target; blocking the ball; and use of wider stance when runners are on base.

2020 Spring Season
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    Farm - Player Age


    League Age 8 -9

    League age is determined by player's age as of 8/31/2019