Major Baseball is an advanced, competitive level of play. Players will refine the baseball skills learned at the previous levels. The intensity and level of play is increased appropriately at the Major level.

Players are selected to this level of play through a mandatory tryout and draft process. Players not selected in the draft to a Major division team will be placed in the Minors level of play.

  • To be drafted you must try out.
  • Returning Majors players are property players of the team from the previous year
  • All 12 year olds must play in this division
  • Opportunity to participate in All Stars for 9 - 12 year olds
  • Opportunity for increased competition in end of the season district tournaments
  • Introduction to more advanced baseball strategy (hit and run, squeeze bunt)

Learning Objectives

Hitting: Players will learn the psychological part of the hitting game; and knowing the count and anticipate a variety of pitches, including pitch location from a more skilled pitcher.

Baserunning: Players will learn to effectively utilize the base coach; Little League lead off after every pitch and anticipate a hit or passed ball; diving back to 1st base.

Throwing: Players will learn cutoffs and relays with accuracy and speed as required by the major league level; running down the runner, making only one throw in a run down; and completing a long throw with accuracy and arm strength.

Fielding: Players will learn cross-over step to gain momentum for an accurate long throw; and outfield footwork on a fly ball.

Pitching: Players will learn off-speed pitches and pitching to a variety of locations.

Catching: Players will pick off plays with snap throws and signals; emphasis on moving the target; and framing the catch.

2020 Spring Season
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    Majors - Player Age


    League Age 10 - 12

    League age is determined by player's age as of 8/31/2019