Minor Baseball progresses the fundamental skills of baseball and teaches the strategy for game play. Players may have one or more years of experience, but new players are welcome.

Players build upon the skills developed as they have progressed through the lower levels of play with emphasis on the making correct decisions during play, and expanding each players knowledge of the rules of the game. Players develop life skills related to teamwork and respect of coaches and umpires. Intensity level of play appropriately increased.

  • 9 - 11 year olds will be drafted to this division or Farm
  • 11 year olds must play this division or Majors
  • Pitch count and base stealing are introduced
  • Opportunity for end of season tournament players
  • No property players - not guaranteed the same team/coach if they played Minors last year
Learning Objectives

Players build upon the skills acquired at the T-Ball, Rookie Ball, and Farm Ball levels of play with emphasis on:

Hitting: concentrating on the pitcher; knowledge of the count, the ability to make adjustments at the plate; bunting.

Base Running: Running through vs rounding first base; and utilizing the base coach. Stealing of bases, proper positioning while on base and sliding correctly.

Throwing: Executing proper relay techniques, both outfielders and infielders; and use of a cutoff with hits to the outfield.

Fielding: backhand catching; each fielder has a role on every pitched ball, TEAMWORK; and objective is to retire the lead runner, if less than 2 outs.

Pitching: four or two seam grip on the ball; use of the stretch position; and the 3-steps of throwing, balance, stride and follow through.

Catching: setting a target in different parts of the strike zone; blocking the ball; wider base when runners on; and fielding passed balls.

2020 Spring Season
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    Minors - Player Age


    League Age 9 - 11

    League age is determined by player's age as of 8/31/2019