T-ball is an entry level instructional program where players are introduced to the fundamental skills and rules of baseball. Players will learn in a FUN environment and will be taught teamwork and good sportsmanship.

Teams are generally formed by school or neighborhood groups. Players may request to play with a friend and SSLL will try and accommodate those requests when possible.

The T-Ball 4 - 5 year old division is for all 4 year olds and 5 years olds playing their first year of T-Ball.

Learning Objectives

Fielding: Players will learn basic fielding skills including two hand catch and staying in front of the ball.

Throwing: Players will learn the fundamental grip of the ball; proper stance; stepping toward the target; and follow through.

Base Running: Players will learn the fundamentals of base running, including which base is which; touching the base; and avoiding fielders.

Hitting: Players will be taught the fundamental bat grip; batting stance; and use a level swing of the bat.

This level of T-Ball (5-6) is for all 5 year olds starting their second year of t-ball and for all 6 year olds.

2020 Spring Season
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