Frequently Asked Questions






When does registration open?

Registration opens in December each year. An early bird discount is offered to all families who register prior to the beginning of January. Exact early bird dates will be posted on our website and marketing signage at each of the schools each season.

Does my child have to tryout?

Players regsitered for the Farm divison and above will be required to attend tryouts. Tryout dates and information will be posted on our website and emailed to each registered player. Tryouts are held in February each season. Players are evaluated on the following skills - base running, fielding, outfield, mechanics and hitting. 

How does the coach and friend request work?

Coach and friend requests are permitted at the t-ball and rookie levels only. This must be done during the registration process. All other divisions require players to go through the tryout process and will be drafted to a team based on coach selection. We do our very best to honor coach and friend requests but do not guarentee that each request will be met. Playing for multiple coaches gives players an opportunity to learn and grow as young athletes. We also encourage players to embrace the opportunity to meet new friends and bond with new teammates. Players will not be moved to accommodate requests once rosters are complete.

When will I hear from my child's coach?

Coaches will reach out to their families in late February or early March. 

When will practice and games begin?

Practices will begin in mid-March and games will begin in early to mid-April. Majors teams will have earlier start dates than younger divisions.

What are the volunteer hour requirements?

Our league is 100% volunteer based. This includes our board, coaches, umpires, concession staff, event staff and field maintenance. Each family is required to volunteer 4 hours each season. Volunteer duties can include any of the following - coaching, umpiring games, snack shack shifts, fundraising and family fun day events, field maintenance or serving as the team mom/dad. Your team mom will help to track hours of each family on your team. Families who pay the fee to opt out of their volunteer hours are not required to volunteer. The opt out fee must be paid at the time of registration. It takes a village to make our leagues success possible and our board takes pride in making each season the very best it can be for our young athletes.

Who do I contact?

Questions about T-Ball - please refer to our T-Ball FAQ page and for further questions contact our T-Ball Coordinator, Jessi Percy Orr

Questions about Rookie Baseball - please contact our Baseball Player Agent, Allan Coyle

Questions about Farm, Minors or Majors Baseball - please contact our Baseball Player Agent, Allan Coyle

Questions about Rookies, Minors or Majors Softball - please contact our Softball Player Agent, Chris Coughran

Interested in Umpiring - please contact our UIC, Randy Dickey

Questions about the Snack Shack - please contact our Concessions Manager, Jessie Nilsen or Lety Swensen

Want to fill an open position or get involved on our board - please contact our League President, Amanda Titus