What do our registration fees cover?

Registration fees cover several expenses. There are fees that our league pays to the Little League Organization for each team that is chartered each season.

 In addition, the fees cover:

  • Field maintenance
  • Maintenance of lawn mowers, draggers
  • Fuel
  • Chalk, turface and additional field materials
  • Utility costs (electricity, water, honey buckets, garbage, recycle)

Two of the larger expenses that registration fees cover are equipment and uniforms.

Why did the registration fee go up for 2019/2020?

The fees for registration had not been reviewed or raised for several years. The major reason for increasing the fee aside from everything in general just costing more was so our players were allowed to keep their jerseys rather than returning them like they had in previous seasons.

Another reason the registration fees have increase is due to SSLL's fundrasing efforts have changed. You and your player no longer have to sell flowers or dontate to a basket to be auctioned off as in years past. Registration fees now include $100 in raffle tickets for our fundraising raffle to be held during Family Fun Day in early May. Keep the tickets and enter yourself in the raffle OR sell the tickets and ANY and ALL monies brought in on those sales are YOURS TO KEEP! Tickets to be distributed early in the season.

How are coaches picked?

It is the president’s job to select and/or name coaches. Criteria for selecting coaches includes; past coaching experience with SSLL, general past coaching experience, past community service experience and experience working with youth. All coaches go through a background check and attend district and league training prior to the start of the season. There is the option to sign up as a coach when registering your player and it is also a volunteer option when filling out your players registration form.

How is team placement determined?

The player agents are responsible for team placement. For T-Ball and Rookies the teams are put together based on friend/coach requests first and then players are put on teams based on which school they attend. Team placement for Farm and above in baseball and Minors and above in softball are determined by a coaches draft.

How is the draft handled?

Prior to the draft, a tryout is held for all players Farm and above in baseball and Minors and above in softball. Note: if there are not enough players for more than one team, the tryout is forfeited and all players are placed on one team.

At the tryout, coaches evaluate players on their performance and skill level. Once the tryout is complete the coaches each rank the players individually based on their evaluation scores and personal observation. 

The draft is run by the player agent of the division being drafted (baseball player agent for baseball, softball player agent for softball).The coaches share their player evaluations and notes from the tryout and rank the players in order from 1-40 or however many kids there are in that division. Each coach draws a number and the number they draw is their place in the draft and the players are picked in a snake formation. Example: if there are 4 coaches you would go 1-4, 4-1, 1-4, 4-1. Coaches typically draft players in order of how they ranked based on their skill level but it is not required. So if you are the coach who drew number 1 and have the first round pick and really want the player who is ranked number 17, you are permitted to draft number 17. This process continues until all players are placed on a team.

Any players who did not attend one of the available tryouts are placed in a hat and become what is called a hat pick. If there are 4 coaches and 3 hat pick players, the coaches will draw first from a hat to determine which 3 coaches will take a hat pick player.

Once the draft is complete, coaches are permitted a short amount of time to do any trades or changes to their rosters.

Those present at a draft are the player agent, league president and all coaches within the divisions being drafted.

How are All Stars coaches and players picked?

All Star managers and coaches are selected by the league president. Each team manager and coaches shall be regular season team managers and/or coaches from the division which they are named. The league president is not eligible to manage or coach an All Stars team without written consent from their District Administrator. If a coach is unavailable for any given division, a team will not be submitted for that division.

Tournament players are nominated by their regular season coaches and teammates based on their playing ability, skill level and eligibility. The roster should include sufficient pitching strength to meet tournament schedules. The players submitted are invited to tryouts. Players are then selected by the All Star coaching staff and player agents.

All Stars is a privilege and shall represent the best of our league at each division. Players selected to participate in All Stars shall represent South Snohomish Little League with the highest level of respect both on and off the field.

How are games scheduled?

District has an administrator that handles all of the game schedules. They are released to our scheduling manager and she reviews them for any double bookings, errors, etc. We have very little say in the schedule. We do not get to pick where games are played so if our complex is fuller or emptier on any given night, it is due to the schedule that was given to us by District.

There are a few exceptions: Coaches are permitted to add games between other teams within SSLL. They submit those requests to our scheduling manager. All reschedules are submitted to District. District handles all reschedules and approval for reschedules. They have a very strict rescheduling policy. The scheduling and rescheduling policies are covered in detail with all coaches prior to the start of the season at both our SSLL coaches meeting and also the District coaches meeting. The scheduling and rescheduling policy can be found in the coaches binder that each coach is required to carry with them at all times.

How are our fields maintained?

Many other leagues rent fields or have fields that are maintained by the county or city. South Snohomish Little League owns our complex and all maintenance and upkeep is our responsibility. We do have a position available on our board for a Facilities Manager who would help to oversee the day to day maintenance, maintenance schedule, etc but this position has been vacant for many years.

We hold a work party twice a year (once in the spring and once in the fall) to prepare our complex for the upcoming season(s). SSLL truly appreciates all of the families and players that come out to these events and assist with the task of prepping our fields for game play. It is a lot of work and we have had some fantastic families volunteer their time, personal equipment and manpower so THANK YOU. Please keep an eye out for upcoming work party events which are communicated via email and posted on our South Snohomish Little League Facebook page, we’d love to have you join us!!

The coaches that use the fields are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of those fields. Some coaches are better than others about sending out mowing, weeding requests to their families. Practices are a great opportunity for families to pitch in and mow a field, pull some weeds, empty garbage cans or pick up around the field they are practicing on. Coaches are also encouraged to have their players clean the dugouts before or after practices by sweeping the cement pads, picking up trash and emptying garbage cans that are located in the dugouts.

If you would like to volunteer for the Facilities Manager position please reach out to the league president (president@ssll.us) and please remember that we are a 100% volunteer based organization, the SSLL complex is YOUR complex and it takes a village to keep our complex maintained.

Rather than complain that the outfields need mowed or that the fence lines need weeded or that the garbage is overflowing….volunteer to mow the fields, pick weeds along the fence line while your child is practicing or empty that overflowing garbage!!

Garbage bags can be found in the utility shed behind the snack shack. Most of our coaches and board members can train you on the mowing and maintenance equipment and we are more than happy to do so, just ask us. And don’t forget to teach your sons and daughters to have pride in THEIR complex and have them participate in our next work day!!

How are meetings communicated to parents/public?

All open board meetings and committee meetings are communicated via email and also posted on our South Snohomish Little League Facebook page. Board meetings are communicated via email.

New board members are voted in mid-late September each year. That meeting is communicated via email and also posted on our South Snohomish Little League Facebook page.

Committees are formed at the start of each season.  Committee information is communicated via email and also posted to our South Snohomish Little League Facebook page.

All events are communicated via email, Facebook and Twitter each season.

Process to vote?

All active board members are able to vote for any and all issues pertaining to South Snohomish Little League. All board members aside from the president have a vote when items are presented at board meetings. The president is not eligible to vote and will only enter a vote in the result of a tie on impending motions.

What positions make up our SSLL Board?

* indicates members of the executive board

* President

* Executive Vice President

* Treasure

* Secretary


VP of Baseball

VP of Softball

Baseball Player Agent

Rookies Baseball Player Agent

Softball Player Agent

T-Ball Coordinator

Registar & Webmaster

UIC (Umpire In Charge)

Scheduling Manager

Facilities Manager

Equipment Manager

Safety Officer

Concessions Manager

Uniforms Manager

Fundraising Manager

Grants & Sponsorship Coordinator

How do I volunteer?

All South Snohomish Little League family members are eligible to volunteer. SSLL is 100% volunteer based organization and volunteers are always welcome and encouraged. Please feel free to reach out to the league president (president@ssll.us) or any current board member with questions. Each family member is asked to volunteer for a total of 4 hours each season and volunteer options are available on the registration form you submit for your player.